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Friday round up: Internet for development, mapping garment factories, a theory of change...

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‘What happens when the economics of everything meets the internet of things?’ is the question tackled in a blog by Trade and Competitiveness Analyst Miles McKenna, who also cites the forthcoming WDR 2016 in a new blog post.
On a related note, the WDR 2016 team has launched a new online poll to gather opinions on issues related to digital for development.
Jenni Avins writes in Quartz about a new project to map Bangladesh’s garment factories as a first step toward preventing another tragedy like the one at the Rana Plaza Complex outside Dhaka 2 years ago. 
Andy Martin of the firm Firetail writes on LSE’s Impact blog on ‘Lessons from civil society: how a ‘Theory of Change’ can help tell a bigger impact story.’ He lays out principles that could help improve the results of work by CSOs and academics alike.
The United Nations Global Pulse team launched its Annual Report this week.  The report highlights fascinating uses of data from cell phones and social media to make real time assessments on issues like food security, perceptions of climate change, and migration.

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