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Friday round up: Kaushik Basu lecture, ABCDE registration, Nepal and remittances post-quake, patent problems, world happiness

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Kaushik Basu delivered the keynote address at a panel discussion in Ithaca, NY titled "Cornell and Global Poverty Reduction: Philanthropy, Policy and Scholarship".
Registration for the 2015 Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics has opened.  The conference takes place Jun 15-16 in Mexico City.
Dilip Ratha explains the importance of remittances to Nepal as it struggles in the wake of a devastating earthquake.
Akansha Mehta writes on LSE’s Impact blog about how patenting of life-saving drugs has created a global health crisis where human life has become a commercial commodity.
The World Happiness Report 2015, edited by John Helliwell, Richard Layard, and Jeffrey Sachs, was launched last week.

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