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Friday round up: The power of mobile money, WBG President speaking at CSIS, Basu Georgetown lecture, Spring Meetings

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‘Cellphones for Women Aid Ascent From Poverty’ by Melinda Gates mentions the forthcoming release of the Global Financial Inclusion Database, or Global Findex.
President Jim Yong King will deliver a lecture next Tuesday (April 7) from 9:30-10:30am (EST) on ending extreme global poverty at the Center for Strategic & International Studies. Watch the live webcast here.
Kaushik Basu will also be delivering a lecture on April 7, next Tuesday, from 4-5:30pm (EST) titled ‘Development Economics: The Big Open Questions’ at Georgetown University as part of the Global Futures Initiative.  The lecture will be webcast live.
The WBG-IMF Spring Meetings are kicking off April 14 with many events worth checking out, several of which will be webcast. The full event schedule is here. Included in the line-up will be a roundtable of the WB’s Chief Economists (4/15 at 3:30, watch the webcast here); an event on Universal Financial Access 2020 (on 4/17 at 11:30, watch the webcast here), and; an event on Land Governance and Climate Smart Agriculture (4/18 from 9-10:30).

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