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Friday round-up: Taper readiness, Collier on migration, African industrialization, Good development reading

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Buzz is growing about taper readiness, as economists and Fed watchers anticipated the market reaction to the likely end of US quantitative easing in 2014. In 'Are investors ready for the taper?' on the FT's 'The Short View,' Ralph Atkins cites from a joint paper by Poonam Gupta and Barry Eichengreen titled "Tapering Talk: The Impact of Expectations of Reduced Federal Reserve Security Purchases on Emerging Markets"

Paul Collier's new book, 'Exodus: how Migration is Changing our World' is scathingly reviewed by Michael Clemens and Justin Sandefur in a Foreign piece titled 'Let the People Go: The Problem With Strict Migration Limits.'

Africa's industrialization and lessons from Asia are discussed in a review of a recent book by Hinh Dinh and others in The Economist.

The Guardian's Poverty Matters blog lists 'Books for the devoted development reader' just in time for the holidays.

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