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Friday round up: Social media innovation, a handy graphic, inequality, and Kaushik in the news

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From tracking World Bank projects to Twitter conversations with Rwanda's health minister, technology is driving innovation. Read about it in ‘Poverty Matters.’

The fastest growing and shrinking economies in 2013 are laid out in a handy graphic in The Economist online.

The study of distribution and inequality is ‘au courant’ among economists these days and Branko Milanovic of the World Bank’s Research Group contributes to the debate in a post on the Harvard Business Review’s blog platform.

In a year-end op ed on ‘The emerging economies’ Eurozone crisis," Kaushik Basu ponders the European Debt Wall and Repayment Deadline, for which he’s coined the acronym EDWARD.

And, while in Delhi to deliver the C.D. Deshmukh Memorial Lecture, Kaushik spoke to reporters about his country’s prospects and about the state of the world economy. Read it here

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