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Friday Roundup: Behavior and Development in the 2015 WDR, slow trade, and the case for Basic Income Guarantees

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‘Conversable Economist,’ the blog of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, has a post by Timothy Taylor titled ‘Focusing Behavioral Economics on Development Professionals’ that reviews the WDR 2015.

David Brooks of the NYT opines about the new WB report in ‘In Praise of Small Miracles’ and from the tone of the comments his enthusiasm for ‘Mind, Society, and Behavior’ has ruffled the feathers of conservatives and liberals alike.

David Halpern, head of the Behavioural Insights Team in the UK also blogs about the report.

A piece by Constantinescu, Mattoo, and Ruta on ‘Slow Trade’ is getting lots of attention.

Martin Ravallion has a new CGD post on Basic Income Guarantees.

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