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Friday Roundup: China’s Cities, India’s healthcare, US jobs & the Fiscal Cliff

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In “How Cities Can Save China” Henry Paulson, former US Treasury Secretary and current head of the Paulson Institute, argues in this week’s New York Times that better city planning will allow China’s investments to be more balanced, debt levels to be lowered, pollution to be eased, and a consumption windfall to be realized.  

On a related note, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim visited China recently and launched a knowledge hub with the government to spread practical knowledge from China’s development successes both inside the country as well as to other nations. As a start, the hub will focus on solving urban transport challenges in China’s cities through a pilot called TRANS-FORM.

R. Prasad writes in The Hindu online about the appalling condition of primary healthcare services in India, drawing from the recent Health Affairs journal article by Jishnu Das et al. 

The US November Jobs report shows a decline in the rate unemployment to the lowest level since 2008.  The US Labor Department has said that the Superstorm Sandy “didn’t substantively impact” the national figures, but economists think that effect will be “clearer next month.” Read the article to know more.

The clock is ticking on the “fiscal cliff. ” Wondering what fiscal cliff is? Well, it’s the shorthand term that….on a second thought let Mr. Burns explain it. Watch the video (from AnimationOn Fox).

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