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Friday Roundup: Of country size, big emerging climate emitters, and WB support to fight Ebola

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What determines the evolution of the size of countries? Does size matter for economic success? Given the trend toward decentralization and the existence of supernational unions such as the EU, is the meaning of national borders evolving? Alberto Alesina of Harvard tackles these questions in his Joseph Schumpeter lecture, 'The Size of Countries: Does it Matter?"
As the big climate events were under way in New York over the past 10 days, 'Live Mint' talked with Prakash Javadekar, India's Environment Minister regarding the country's intent to act on climate change on its own volition, but not at somebody's dictation.

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli pledged at the UN climate summit this week to take firm action on climate change and reduce carbon intensity. (Video, watch from minute 30)
Molly Kinder of CGD blogs about a new Global Innovation Fund launched this week by USAID Administrator Raj Shah and DFID Secretary of State Justine Greening. The GIF has additional financial partners — Omidyar Network and the governments of Sweden and Australia.
The WBG announced on September 25 that it will nearly double funding to fight the Ebola Crisis to $400 Million.

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