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Friday Roundup: Currency wars, Microfinance, Future Orientation Index, Remittances

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Currency wars actually have some redeeming impact, argues Matthew O’Brien in The Atlantic. Read it here.

A lively debate is under way on David Roodman’s Microfinance Open Book Blog.

According to the “Future Orientation Index” created by academics from University College London (UCL) and Warwick University, the number of searches on Google for ‘future’ are an indication of a nation’s -- or its citizen’s -- forward thinking. By analyzing more than 45 billion Google queries, the index ranks Germany as the most forward thinking nation in 2012. If you are curious about others, take a look here 

For many countries, Remittances are three times the size of official aid and provide an important lifeline for millions of poor households. So, how much money do migrants send? See this interactive chart created by the Guardian using World Bank data to find out more.

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