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Friday Roundup: Data on Maternal Mortality, Best and Worst Places to be a Mother, Rewarding Careers, and Mom Magnet

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The World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the World Bank jointly released data and a report on new maternal mortality estimates (1990-2013). Using illustrative charts, the Bank's Development Data Group demographer Emi Suzuki blogs about how the data shows meaningful progress in reducing maternal mortality.

Save the Children released the 15th annual issue of the “State of the World’s Mother” early this week. Using Mother’s Index, the report ranks the best and worst places to be a mother. 
In an insightful article in the Washington Post, Aaron Hurst writes that in addition to holding the lion share of household responsibilities, mothers also carry the greater onus for ensuring rich and rewarding careers for their kids.

The latest post of the Squared Away Blog, “Where we live: the Mom magnet,”  shows that half of all American adults still live less than 25 miles from their mothers.

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