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Friday Roundup: Development Impact Bonds, Good Governance, and Doing Business

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Matthew Bishop of The Economist, describes the concept of Development Impact Bonds (DIBs).  The idea is that a delivery agent (an NGO, for example) figures out how to make a measureable improvement in some social problem, someone (usually government, perhaps philanthropy) agrees to pay for that outcome if it is achieved, and investors provide financing that pays for the intervention. Learn more on the Philanthrocapitalism Blog.

'Development's Democratic Drivers', a Project Syndicate piece by Jeffrey Gedman, head of the Legatum Institute, draws from the latest Legatum Prosperity Index, highlighting how good governance and the rule of law are fundamental in advancing development and fostering prosperity.

How business-friendly is your country? Devex has posted a Slideshare presentation on the World Bank's Doing Business report. Which economies improved the most in 2012-2013? Check out the top 10 “Doing Business” climbers.

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