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Friday Roundup: Ebola and Africa's Private Sector, Demographics and Growth, and Twinning the Goals

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Calestous Juma, Harvard Kennedy School professor, writes in The Guardian about how the private sector can be harnessed to ensure that Africans take responsibility for their development. He argues that, to fight a 'public bad' like Ebola, the AU and the private sector can serve as much-need organizing forces.

Charles A.E. Goodhart and Philipp Erfurth have a VoxEU piece on 'Demography and economics: Look past the past', which predicts a slowdown in the growth of the global workforce as populations age in Japan and other advanced countries. They see negative demographic effects ahead. They also think that negative real interest rates are won't be around much longer and that, by 2025, real interest rates will be around 2.5–3%.
Christoph Lakner, Mario Negre and Espen Beer Prydz have a new World Bank Policy Research Working Paper on 'Twinning the Goals'. It demonstrates that, if global extreme poverty is to be eradicated by 2030, it will be important to ensure that the poorest in every society benefit disproportionally from future growth. 

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