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Friday roundup: Fuel subsidies, Stiglitz on US investment pacts, Afro optimism, China Plenum and OECD aid overhaul

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'A 12-Step Program for Fuel Subsidy-aholics' by Eric Morris on Freakonomics lays out ideas for how to limit or eliminate such subsidies, drawing on research by the IMF and others.

In a Project Syndicate piece titled 'South Africa breaks out', Joe Stiglitz explains why several important emerging market countries are not fans of either the transatlantic or Pacific investment pacts now being negotiated.

A New Pew Research Report finds Despite Challenges, Africans Are Optimistic about the Future. Indeed, the survey actually shows that, when it come to the economic Outlook, respondents were more positive in Africa than Europe or Middle East.

China’s Third Plenary Session opens this weekend, and Josh Noble writes in the FT's beyond brics blog about 10 sectors that will be effected in ways both positive and negative.

Claire Provost of The Guardian writes about "The big aid debate: rich countries consider foreign aid overhaul", wherein the OECD ponders an aid overhaul that would mean more money for the private sector.

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