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Friday roundup: Inequality, Stiglitz, Chetty, frugal innovation, polio, and nudges

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Inequality is trending as a news topic, in part due to new research by Branko Milanovic and colleagues and because Pope Francis as well as President Obama are treating it as a watershed issue. Read the piece by Howard Schneider in the Washington Post's Wonkblog for more.

Joe Stiglitz won the 2014 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize for his work on income inequality in the U.S. and its impact on public policy, adding to his many accolades. Read the Bloomberg coverage here.

'Improving Equality of Opportunity' will be the topic of a webcast lecture by Raj Chetty on Tuesday, December 17 at the World Bank. Watch it starting at12:30 EDT on Tuesday.

'What Can Frugal Innovation do for Development' describes a new lab started by Santa Clara University that explores low cost ways to solve tough challenges in poor and often remote places. The idea of such labs is spreading and students themselves are powerful catalysts for breakthrough solutions.

Bill Gates describes his working visit to Nigeria to check on progress in eradicating polio.

Behavioral economics and psychology get props in a New York Times piece by Katrin Bennhold titled 'Britain's Ministry of Nudges'-- exciting news for the team working on the forthcoming 2015 World Development Report, which will do a deep dive on the topic.

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