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Friday Roundup: International Women’s Day, Water ATMs and Crop Research

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As we celebrate the 102nd International Women’s Day today, what do women of the world hope to achieve this year? An end to gender-based violence. The Guardian has put together a page to highlight the voices from all over the globe on tackling violence and discrimination against women. Read them all here on this interactive page.

While on the subject of Women’s Day, where is best place to be a working woman in the rich world? Apparently, the answer is New Zealand. The Economist has compiled a “glass-ceiling index” to show where women have the best chance of equal treatment at work. See the index here, which compares data from 26 countries.

Technology and innovation have an important role to play in development, and India’s solar-powered water ATMs are a proof of that. A low-cost, solar-powered, self-contained water vending machine that keeps clean water secure and can be refilled by the nearest franchisee, can potentially solve India's drinking water problem, says entrepreneur Anand Shah. This could help reduce the burden on girls and women in many developing countries, who often have to walk miles for clean water. Read about this interesting concpet here.

New crop research is transforming farmers lives and is allowing farmers to adapt to the changing environment. Find about these new tools on Impatient Optimists.


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