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Friday Roundup: Malthusian worries, USAID global development lab, Hillary on ending poverty, Africa Impact Evaluation and a sharing prosperity event

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Eduardo Porter's Apr 1 column 'Old Forecast of Famine May Yet Come True,' touches on Malthus, famine and the sweeping impacts of climate change highlighted in the latest IPCC report.

Virginia Gewin of Nature magazine carries a story on USAID's new Global Development Lab, a $100 million effort that will fund research into technological solutions for targeted problems related to food security and nutrition, maternal and child survival, energy access and sustainable water solutions.

Hillary Clinton promoted the 2030 anti-poverty effort on April 3 at the launch of USAID's Global Development Lab.

The latest issue of the Africa Impact Evaluation Update focuses on policy options for increasing agricultural productivity.

Next Friday, Apri 11, during the World Bank- IMF Spring Meetings, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim, Kaushik Basu and Jeffrey D. Sachs will discuss sharing prosperity with New York Times' Annie Lowrey at 4 pm ET. Watch the event live here.



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