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Friday Roundup: Phoneful of dollars, New Debt Stats, Dengue Fever, Alternatives to RCTs, and Solow on Growth

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In ‘Financial Inclusion—A phoneful of dollars,’ The Economist writes about mobile money, simple pre-paid cards, findings from the Global Findex, microfinance and more.
The World Bank Group and the IMF jointly launched the new Quarterly External Debt Statistics (QEDS) database, which now features new concepts and definitions, as well as new classifications of external debt statistics and tables.

‘Dengue Fever Neglected Amid Ebola Scare’ is the title of a VOA story about the mosquito-borne virus that affects around 100 million people very year. On the bright side, the piece reports on a potential vaccine that may offer some protection against dengue that may soon become available.  
Margery Turner of the Urban Institute ponders alternatives to randomized control trials to study health and other development projects in 'Figuring out what works, whether the goal is curing Ebola or improving public policies'
Prospects for growth: An interview with Robert Solow.  The economist who won a Nobel Prize for advancing the understanding of technology discusses his work on productivity-led growth with the McKinsey Global Institute on McKinzey Quarterly magazine.


Vamsee Kanchi

Senior Communications Officer, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

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