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Friday roundup: Rajan and India, sportstar does good, commodity volatility, Basu and Stiglitz, and IEA call for papers

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Raghuram Rajan is appointed as India’s next RBI Governor. His appointment comes as the country faces critical challenges in stabilizing its plunging currency and narrowing its current account deficit. Read the Financial Times article here to know more.

'Net gain' is a heartwarming story of NBA star Stephen Curry and his recent trip to Tanzania as part of the 'Nothing But Nets' malaria-fighting charity.

'Shocks and ores' on the Free Exchange blog cites research by David Jacks at Simon Fraser University revealing that the most damaging commodity-price movements may well be short-run booms and busts, which come and go more rapidly than supercycles but can generate far bigger moves in prices.

Kaushik Basu and Joseph Stiglitz have a new paper on 'International lending, sovereign debt and joint liability: an economic theory model for amending the treaty of Lisbon.'

The International Economic Association has issued a call for papers for its June 6-10 2014 World Congress in Jordan. The deadline for submission is Oct. 31.


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