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Friday Roundup: Scientific Temperaments, Cheap Oil, and Top Female Economists

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In a piece in Outlook magazine titled 'Reason to Think,' Kaushik Basu posits that the world needs more scientific tempers, not obscurantist rantings.

Real Time Economics has a post by Ian Talley on how the WB sees cheap oil through 2016 affecting the global economy.

Mogul Richard Branson writes on Virgin's website about five things the sharing economy taught us in 2014.

Esther Duflo, who just won the Social Sciences prize meted out by the Infosys Science Foundation, has her work featured in a cool Infograpic.

IDEAS/RePEc recently publicized a list of the top 10% of female economists in the wake of the outcry against The Economist’s all male list of the most influential economists. Coming in at #2 is Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Research Director at the World Bank.

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