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​Friday Roundup: Tackling Inequality, Ushahidi on crisis data, Technology and Africa, Gates on Sachs, and ABCDE sign up

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Ana Revenga, soon to be the head of the Bank's Poverty Global Practice, blogs on the importance of starting early when tackling inequality and also links to a new user-friendly inequality dashboard.

From his days as an MIT professor, to his stint as World Bank Chief Economist, #2 at the IMF, and head of Israel's central bank, Stan Fischer is a towering figure in economics circles. He's just been appointed by Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen to be her deputy. Read Dylan Matthew's profile of Stan here.

Ushahidi, a non-profit software company that develops free and open-source software (LGPL) for information collection, visualisation, and interactive mapping, has a post titled 'The future of crisis data'. The post discusses how crisis data -- say, to help find victims after a quake or to pinpoint outbreaks of local violence and figure out how to help victims -- is the most important and most urgent information produced by the digital age. People’s lives are at stake, it’s time to be open, work smarter, and think bigger.

World Bank Vice President for Africa Makhtar Diop writes in Kenya's Business Today about how science and technology can power Africa's economies.

Bill Gates writes on 'Why Jeffrey Sachs Matters' and explains why the Gates Foundation didn't invest in the Millennium Villages Project. 

The Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics 2014 from June 2-3 will be on 'The Role of Theory in Development Economics' and marquis speakers will include Kaushik Basu, Avinash Dixit, Maitreesh Ghatak, Michael Kremer, Eric Maskin, and Carmen Reinhart. Registration to the conference is open until Sunday, May, 25, 2014 midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). Visit the website to sign up.

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