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Friday Roundup: Tapering, Agricultural Productivity, Climate Change, and Inheritance Reform

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Kaushik Basu, Barry Eichengreen, and Poonam Gupta have written a new column titled “From tapering to tightening: The impact of the Fed’s exit on India,” which describes the impact of the US Fed’s tapering on India.
A new paper by Gbemisola Oseni, Kevin McGee, and Andrew Dabalen examines the determinants of agricultural productivity and its link to poverty using nationally representative data from the Nigeria General Household Survey Panel, 2010/11.  

Climate change risks involve potentially large and irreversible impact. It is therefore important to have information on both ecosystem characteristics and economic statistics to help policy makers understand the impacts of climate change on human well-being, explains Michael Toman in his latest World Bank policy research working paper.

Using evidence from three Indian states, a new paper by Klaus Deininger et al assesses first- and second-generation effects of inheritance reform using a triple-difference strategy. The study finds that improved access to bank accounts and sanitation as well as lower fertility in the for parents generation empowered the next generation of females in a sustainable way.

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