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Friday Roundup: WB to update income classifications July 1, Ravallion on the LIS, Oxfam releases poverty index, and solar innovation

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On July 1, the World Bank's Data Group will update its analytical income classification of all the world's economies and, in a related move, they are reviewing their methodology and considering changes going forward. Read the Open Data blog on 'LICs, LMICs, UMICs, and HICs: classifying economies for analytical purposes.' 

Martin Ravallion has a new working paper on the Luxembourg Income Study, or LIS. He ponders whether the LIS is the best model for the truly global micro database that poverty experts need to accurately track and analyze poverty and inequality. 

Oxfam released its Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2014, and the news was covered in The Atlantic by Tanya Basu. Her headline reads, 'The U.N. Has Been Undercounting the World's Poor—by 400 Million.' 

'Student team solves solar panels' shade problem' is the title of a story by Sami Grover Mother Nature Network (MNN). United Solar is the name of the team, who include students from MIT, the California Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. To tackle the reality that "shade happens," they developed a different approach to optimizing output. The result was both better performance and lower cost.

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