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FridayRoundup: Africa's TMM, Reputational Rankings, Bono, and Spending on Food

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Whether Africa is ‘catching up’ or ‘is not catching up enough’ with economic development, it’s definitely lagging behind in Technical Maverick Movements (TMM). Taking a cue from the ‘economic transformation’ model, Bright B. Simon writes, “Technical Maverick Movements (TMMs) when they become part of the establishment are adept at harnessing power…… You either shift or you don’t”. Read the post on and find out why there is no middle way for Africa’s path to competitiveness.

Many readers are probably familiar with the rankings of the top Universities worldwide by quality of education. But have you checked out their reputational ranking? California Institute of Technology may be the place to study in 2103, but reputation-wise, it’s not so high. Find the entire list here.

On February 26, Bono delivered a TED talk, headlining that ‘there is good news on poverty.’ He called for the audience to become ‘factivists’. See his inspiring talk here.

As countries develop, among other things, they spend proportionally less on food, while people in poorer countries devote higher share of their income in buying food items.  The Economist has an interesting chart that ranks countries on spending per person per week on food.

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