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#InheritPossibility: How is your life different from your parents’ when they were your age?

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How has your life changed for you compared to your parents or grandparents when they were your age? How do you see your children’s lives and possibilities compared to your own? To find out we’ve kicked off a social media campaign to highlight the issue of intergenerational mobility. And we invite you to take part in the #InheritPossibility campaign and share your stories.  

Post your story in two to three sentences along with a picture with your family using the hashtag #InheritPossibility on your Twitter or Instagram channels. The campaign will run from April 23rd to May 10th, culminating with the launch of a report that will look at some of the drivers of and constraints to economic mobility from generation to generation. The stories you share will help complement the wealth of global data that the report will have and hopefully spark a conversation on how poverty and inequality are passed down and what that means for the future.

Need some inspiration? Check out a selection of stories from all over the world that might spark some ideas and motivate you to join the #InheritPossibility conversation.

Learn more about the campaign.



Venkat Gopalakrishnan

External Affairs Officer, Global Media Team

Maura K. Leary

Communications Lead, Office of the Chief Executive Officer, The World Bank Group

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