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We want to hear from you about the World Development Report 2020 — Global Value Chains: Trading for Development

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Last month I announced that the 2020 World Development Report (WDR2020) will focus on global value chains (GVCs) and what they mean for development. Does participating in GVCs promote development? Why are some low-income developing countries reaping the benefits and others not? What can countries do to gain from trade and GVCs, particularly when new technologies are bringing change and the global status quo is in a state of flux? You can read my recent blog post for a summary of the Report’s objectives or read the Concept Note directly.

The team is making great progress in developing and analyzing new data on these issues and I am very optimistic that we will produce a fascinating report with helpful new insights for policy.

But to achieve this we also need to hear from you. Since the start of this year team members have been consulting widely with public and private stakeholders. We will keep a record on the WDR2020 website of consultations as they take place. You will also find on the website details of events that are open to the public to attend. If you have additional suggestions, please let us know by email.

I would like also to encourage international organizations, civil society, academia and people in general to submit comments below on the main themes and messages that are outlined in the Concept Note. I’d be grateful if you could do this by March 31st, 2019.

The WDR2020 is already generating fresh ideas and I hope that you will answer my call to get involved and join the conversation.


Pinelopi Goldberg

Former Chief Economist, World Bank Group

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