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"Smart City Gran Concepcion" activity launched in Chile

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The ICT Unit of the World Bank and the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT) of Chile launched the “Smart City Gran Concepcion” activity the week of January 13, 2014. The activity, which is financed by the Spanish Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean, has five sequential components that are designed to achieve two goals:(A) to improve local and municipal service delivery by introducing open innovation and ICT tools; and (B) to lay the framework for the development of a local and sustainable innovation ecosystem in Gran Concepcion. The Gran Concepcion area is the second largest populated area in Chile with almost a 1 MM inhabitants and it was chosen by MTT to pilot a model of Smart City for Chile.

The activity is designed to introduce behavioral change in city government and create the links and interactions among stakeholders of the ecosystem through a process of four consecutive components:

  1. co-design of technology solutions to improve local and municipal services;
  2. co-creation of roadmap for scaling up the adoption of technology solutions to support local and municipal services;
  3. Co-creation competition (i.e., open challenge) with local stakeholders (eg, universities, enterprises, civil society, local and municipal government) to develop technology solutions for local and municipal services, and
  4. co-creation of strategic plan for the development of a local technology-innovation lab for local and municipal services with the ecosystem.

The following video summarizes the activities and results achieved during the first component:

Co-design of technology solutions to improve local and municipal services



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