Amid soccer celebrations, first MBA on carbon finance hints at a solid future for green businesses

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Display at Carbon Expo in Barcelona.
It was my best intention to write my blog posts in a somewhat chronological way, but events, as they often do, just surpassed me. FC Barcelona’s convincing and clear 2-0 win against Manchester United in the Champions League final yesterday completely overshadowed Carbon Expo this morning. Some participants clearly showed signs of having joined the many street parties that lasted until the early morning and the game dominated discussions on the morning of the expo’s second day. Join me in a quick O le le, Oh la la, Barca!!

But back to business. Yesterday the Carbon Expo truly started only in the afternoon and after the plenary sessions. Carbon Expo truly is a marketplace where participants are looking for financing, projects, and jobs. Discussions become very specific, and companies and intermediaries show great interest in the World Bank’s expertise and knowledge on developing countries. Networking is a must and that includes going from stand to stand to grab information and presents, talk to possible business partners or join one of the multiple “have a drink, a bite, and talk to us” receptions.

I found out a lot more about carbon finance projects and financing options, but no one so far has been able to tell me the carbon emissions emanating from yesterday’s football game and the following parties. As basically the whole town was out and about, it must have been considerable. Now how to find out the level of emissions and a way to fund reductions? Is it a good question? Yes, but again not many answers so far. A way to find out might be to take the first MBA course in carbon management offered by the University of East Anglia in the UK.

Now football is only one of the reasons that I am blogging about this MBA. In my eyes this first self-standing academic course demonstrates that there is money in carbon trading that it is expected to grow even further and projected to generate demand for experts who are specially trained on the intricacies of carbon finance.  This truly could lead to a new generation of business professionals who know not only about management and finance, but also are proficient in environmental and social protection helping to ensure the longevity of our planet.


Florian Kitt

Sustainable Development

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