Answers to your questions on the current economic outlook for the East Asia region

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ImageAs a follow up event to the recent release of the Bank'slatest East Asia and Pacific economic update, our lead economists spent around 1 1/2 hours this Tuesday answering your questions on the findings of the report, and other economic issues. Looking at the length of the transcript of that chat and the variety of topics covered, it almost constitutes another economic report by itself (!).

Vikram Nehru and Ivailo Izvorski discussed how countries can address inequality, the destabilizing effects of excessive capital inflows, the crucial role of more and better higher education in the region, the prospects for improving the lives of the rural poor, whether China's stimulus package "saved the world" (in one questioner's words), and in what way the many foreign trade agreements in the region resemble "a spaghetti bowl" (in our Chief Economist's words). Take a look here and, you have any questions of your own, reply to this blog entry: either Vikram or Ivailo will reply.


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