Carbon Expo highlights China's experience in Clean Development Mechanism

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Ok. We are back again @ Carbon Expo. This year in Cologne. The German weather cannot really keep up with Barcelona (were Carbon Expo was held in 2009) but we are keeping the spirits up and the opening event proved to be very interesting with a speech by the German Environment Minister, Norbert Roettgen.

On his round across the fairground the Minister then visited the China booth and the East Asia Pavilion, where Thailand, Mongolia, Lao, and Indonesia and China are exhibiting. Jiao Xiaoping, Deputy Director General, CDM Fund, China, welcomed the Minister and presented him with the latest report on "Clean Development Mechanism in China". We'll soon have it up here.

The China delegation at the Carbon Expo 2010 in Cologne, Germany.
The report summarizes China’s experiences with the Clean Development Mechanism over the last six years from 2004-2009 in terms of project development, policy formulation, technology transfer, etc. CDM performs well as a major incentive to accelerate the greening of China’s economy. China would like to use clean development mechanism to continue to promote climate change-related activities domestically. A really interesting read, demonstrating how China is really getting serious about clean development and using the resources available innovatively.

At this Carbon Expo we are focusing strongly on China’s experience and organized a knowledge exchange between China and the African countries on the clean development mechanism. Together with the China delegation we are hoping to really highlight China’s progress, experience and earnestness in sustainable development past and present building a fundament for a clean energy and environmentally friendly future.


Florian Kitt

Sustainable Development

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