Donate to help victims of typhoon Ketsan (Ondoy) in the Philippines - Some suggestions

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Ateneo de Manila University Disaster Response Group, photo courtesy of L.A. Lomarda under a Creative Commons license.
Some of the big-name, international agencies and NGOs are already mobilizing to assist the victims of typhoon Ketsan (Ondoy) in the Philippines, and donation sites have been set up by the local Red Cross, UNICEF, and the World Food Programme.

I asked a few of my colleagues in the Manila office to list some local aid organizations, and I share their suggestions here with you. Churches in the Philippines are very active at a grass-roots level, so their presence in this short list should come as no surprise:

Google has also put  together a nice compilation of volunteer information (including maps of road conditions and donation centers) in this page, which also includes a comprehensive list of ways to donate through bank deposits, credit card/PayPal, SMS, or in-kind donations including drop-off points in the U.S.

(Just to reiterate the disclaimer in this site, the World Bank is not officially endorsing any of these organizations or options. It's just me and my colleagues putting together some info that may help you help Filipinos).


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