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Whether it is connecting with someone in another continent without leaving home or jetting off in a flying car, someone familiar with Second Life knows that pretty much anything is possible in the online virtual world—from the serious to the ridiculous.

On Thursday, October 30, at 2 p.m. Washington time, Second Life users will be able to learn the results of the Doing Business 2009 report when it is launched on this island. Doing Business, a report published by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, ranks economies around the world based on how easy it is to do business, considering the level of laws and regulations in a region. The report aims to improve business environments, in part through dialogue and reform.

Since the creation of Second Life in 2003, millions of people have created avatars (online versions of themselves) to interact with other residents, purchase land, and create communities in the virtual universe. Thursday’s open forum will allow Second Life residents to contribute to the Doing Business discussion by asking questions, participating in quizzes, and even challenging the report’s findings.

After joining Second Life, teleport your avatar to this island. If you don’t have Second Life, you’ll be able to watch the event in a live broadcast by clicking here.

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