An update on the new $10/$20 computer for education in India

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the Kingfisher arrived in India long ago ... we'll have to wait for the R500 laptop a little longer | image attribution at bottomEn route to Mumbai, I thought I'd pass around some summary information about the new "$10 education laptop" officially announced this week in India.

This has received a great deal of press attention, much of which appears to be (after doing some further investigation) ill-informed / speculative.

Lost in much of the hype has been what is perhaps the more interesting story -- the apparent public commitment by the Indian government to provide subsidized connectivity for schools, colleges and universities, and a related large investment in the development of "e-content", as part of a new "National Mission in Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT)".  Part of this includes the development of a new national ICT in school education policy.

(And despite the sensational headline below, this thing isn't 'useless' -- just perhaps much less useful than many had hoped.)

No doubt there will be more to come in this area.

A sampling of news reports:

Note: Image used at the top of this blog post comes from J.M. Garg via Wikimedia Commons and is used according to the terms of its GNU Free Documentation License.


Michael Trucano

Visiting Fellow, Brookings, and Global Lead for Innovation in Education, World Bank

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