Opening Education Data: EdStats Unveils StatPlanet, an Interactive Mapping Tool from Apps Contest Winner

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Want to watch the expansion of schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past three decades? Or chart the difference in growth of educational attainment between South Korea and Mexico? Maybe you just want to easily compare with one click whether a bar or line graph better communicates your data. Now you can! EdStats, the World Bank's free database for global education statistics, has launched EdStats StatPlanet -- an exciting new data visualization and mapping dashboard for exploring country, regional and global performance on 19 key education indicators through interactive, animated world maps, charts and tables.

The StatPlanet platform was developed by developed Frank van Cappelle and was the 1st place winner of the World Bank's Apps for Development competition, which was launched as part of the Bank’s Open Data Initiative, an effort that unlocks the Bank’s knowledge and development data for researchers, activists, students, and development practitioners across the globe. The application has been loaded with EdStats' most up-to-date global education education statistics.

EdStats' use of StatPlanet helps bring World Bank education data into the modern age with colorful, user-friendly navigation and "pop up" bubbles that display information as you scroll. With a time-lapse "play" button and a Google maps-like functionality that allows you to zoom, grab and highlight, it just might be the most fun you have with data this year.

Visit today to see education data displayed in interactive new ways, on a variety of indicators that measure educational access, attainment, equity, expenditure and quality, including:

  • time-lapse maps
  • column charts
  • bar charts
  • time series graphs
  • bubble charts

Check out EdStats Planet for yourself and please continue to send us any comments or suggestions you have. Visit the EdStats website for more on education data and statistics, including our newest release, Assessing Sector Performance and Inequality in Education, a guidebook to the World Bank's free ADePT data analysis software.


Emilio Porta

Senior Education Specialist

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