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Day 1 of the World Bank Nepal Data Literacy Workshop In his recent Huffington Post blog, World Bank President Jim Kim spoke about how the learning crisis is one of the greatest obstacles to development. According to the United Nations, an estimated 171 million people can lift themselves out of poverty if all students in poor countries acquired basic reading skills.

Improving literacy and numeracy can boost annual economic growth by 2 percent in low-income countries. When girls get to go to school, the impact is even more profound. Better access to education for girls since 1970 has prevented more than 4 million child deaths and providing girls one extra year of education boosts eventual wages by 10-20 percent.

So, what will it take to achieve Learning for All? The president’s blog outlines 5 critical actions for countries and their partners: investing early, supporting the most disadvantaged children, making schooling count, measuring what children read and ensuring resiliency. Read the full blog here and also see a related infographic. 

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