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Why Teachers Matter

Happy World Teachers’ Day!

Several days ago, my colleagues and I were thinking of a way to honor and celebrate teachers. We decided to go into schools and ask students themselves about what they loved best about their favorite teachers and put it together in a short video.

From Thailand to Georgia, from schools in our local communities to the very schools we graduated from, young people told us why teachers matter.

She’s such a warm person and we have enough freedom during her lessons,” says Drin from Macedonia, “that’s why I always come to school full of energy!”

Veljko, from Serbia, says: “My teacher has many good qualities. She takes us to competitions and to museums. But her best quality is that she is 100 percent dedicated to us.”

How important hard work and dedication is! Research over the past decade shows that effective teachers drive learning. They help children master the skills they need to be creative, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers so that they can prosper in a rapidly changing world. Exposure to even one highly effective teacher can raise student college participation rates and their income after graduation. 

Please enjoy the rest of the video and share with us, in the comment section below, what you liked best about your favorite teacher(s) and how that has made an impact in your life.

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