The World Bank is Listening: Global Consultations Shape New Education Strategy for 2020

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What will the world look like in ten years and how can we best tailor our work in education to help countries achieve a future that is prosperous and equitable?

These are some of the questions the World Bank has been asking the global community as it charts its direction in education for the next ten years.

Consultations kicked off this spring to help shape and inform the new Education Sector Strategy for 2020. The education strategy team embarked on a series of consultations with the governments of client countries, multilateral and bilateral entities, local and international NGOs, donors, academia, and civil society to solicit their input. Summaries of discussions from the consultations to date have been posted online.

Engagement and dialogue with our key stakeholders is aiding the development of the strategy during two phases of consultation and review. In the first phase the World Bank has consulted on the concept note, and in the second phase the team will consult on a forthcoming draft strategy paper to be released later this summer. The process is ongoing and we encourage the public to participate and follow its progress.

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