Against all odds: 16 inspiring heroes from Nepal

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As the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is marked worldwide, we present to you stories of 16 inspiring heroes from Nepal  . They are crusaders and pioneers, leaders and visionaries who share one common trait – a remarkable journey in their path towards equality and empowerment. They belong to diverse backgrounds, cultures, castes and groups. Yet all of them have stood against odds and managed to make a difference in many lives.

Each of the personalities is carefully chosen as a representative character with experiences that motivate and resonate with us  . These Nepali heroes deserve to be read about, known and lauded for their efforts.

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls. 

The campaign runs every year from 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day.

The World Bank Group believes that no country, community, or economy can achieve its potential or meet the challenges of the 21st century without equal participation of women and men, girls and boys.

here we bring to you stories of 16 heroes that have contributed more than their share in empowering themselves, their communities and nation. 

Creating an Identity of her Own: Society can be harsh and difficult to those who are ‘different’ from the society’s perception of ‘normal’. Read about the transformation of Bhumika Shrestha, a transgender activist who has created a strong identity of her own. .

Campaigning for Women's Land Rights in Nepal: In Nepal, women are less likely than men to own a home or land alone or jointly. Among women, 8% own a home and 11% own land alone or jointly. Among men, 19% own a home and 21% own land alone or jointly, according to Demographic Health Survey, 2016. In a country where land is still considered as a major asset and a piece of land registration makes a huge difference in a woman’s life, read about Kalpana Karki from Sindupalchowk, a land rights activist struggling to ensure women’s rights to land. 

From Food Security to Innovative Agriculture: Karsangma Lama, a vegetable farmer from Humla, battled adversities to enhance food security for her family and entire community. 

Bringing Hope to the Lives of Visually-Impaired Children: With an alarming increase in the rate of rape cases of minors being reported in the media, Keshari Thapa, former principal at Purbanchal Gyan Chakshu High School, Dharan believes that visually impaired boys and girls at higher risk of sexual assault. Find out more about her being a ‘ray of hope’ for them. 

From Kamlari to Provincial Deputy Speaker: Meet Krishni Tharu, who beat all odds to become a Provincial Deputy Speaker. 

Exercising Power to Benefit Women: A woman mayor can make a world of difference. Read how Manju Malasi, Mayor of Doti Silgadi Municipality is exercising power to benefit women. 

An Exemplary Conservationist: Do you want to know how Nanda Devi Kunwar from Kailali was physically attacked for being an exemplary conservationist?  Read more about Kunwar, who is an epitome of courage and willpower.

Engaging with Social Change through the Visual Medium: Meet NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati, a young journalist-turned visual artist who is pushing boundaries to end inequality and all kinds of discrimination existing in Nepali society.  

A Woman of Substance: From facing society’s wrath for being unable to bear a child to become an authoritative voice in the society - Meet Ramkali Devi Thakur (Lohar), a woman of substance. 

The Acid Attack Survivor who Fought to Change the Law: The new civil and criminal code has the provision of providing immediate financial support to cover treatment for acid attacks and increasing the penalty to 10 years from three years of imprisonment. All thanks to Sangita Magar - who dared to change the law. 

A Pioneer Dalit Campaigner: Breaking all barriers at the decision-making level and putting an end to the discrimination will be the ultimate win for Sannani Pariyar, a Dalit campaigner from Dhading. 

Transforming Lives through Music: Imagine the situation of a child who is separated from her family at a young age of seven, just because she is a girl. Tabla player Sarita Mishra’s attempt to transform such troubled lives through music is worth reading. 

Taking Nepali Skils to Global Heights: An empowered woman empowers a society. Shyam Badan Shrestha, an entrepreneur, has trained hundreds of women and established women’s groups in nine districts who provide their products to her company.  

A Fearless Voice: Imagine being subjected to humiliation, isolation and insult in the name of caste-based discrimination at an early age. Journalist Sona Khatik has transformed those painful experiences into a learning experience and become a fearless voice for deprived community. 

Dreaming Big to Save Mothers During Childbirth in Remote Nepal: Only 44 % births are delivered in a health facility in rural Nepal and 44 % birth are assisted by a skilled provider. Yangzom Sherpa is in pursuit of fulfilling her dream of saving the lives of mothers in remote Nepal.  

Epitome of Inspiration: Yagya Kumari Ruchal, Deputy Chairperson of Chaubise Rural Municipality, is an epitome of inspiration. Read all about the woman who has opened up financial avenues for women. 




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