Six innovations from the Digital Youth Summit that inspired me

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What do speakers say about the Digital Youth Summit?
What foreign speakers say about DYS17!

Foreign delegates to Digital Youth Summit 2017 reflect on their experiences, and the bright minds of youth in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Many thanks to all the foreign delegates for visiting Peshawar from May 5-7, 2017! #DYS17 #KPITB #KPGoesTech #KPWentTech Imran Khan (official)Shahram Khan Tarakai Official Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board - KPITB World Bank South Asia Jazz USAID Pakistan UNDP Pakistan Gloria Jean's Coffees Pakistan Anna O'Donnell Sam Bretzfield Iliana Montauk Justin Wong Alexander Ferguson Max Krueger Nicola Magri

Posted by Digital Youth Summit on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Entrepreneurs and technologists from Pakistan and around the world converged last week at the Digital Youth Summit (DYS) in Peshawar to share their knowledge, inspire local talent, and bring digital investments.

Over four days, 4,000 attendees, some as young as age 10, interacted with industry leaders, engaged in technology demonstrations, and benefitted from hands-on training. Everyone learnt a lot about digital entrepreneurship and was inspired by many cutting-edge innovations.

Here are six of them that struck a high note with me:
Most sessions at #DYS17 were livestreamed by  Jazz xlr8 and OurKPK. Photo Credit: Joe Qian/World Bank
  1. Sessions on Facebook Live. Did you miss the summit, want to learn more about digital entrepreneurship, or simply want to relive highlights of DYS? Jazz xlr8 and OurKPK livestreamed many sessions at DYS. Inspired to start or grow your own business after watching the sessions? There are also resources to support you at the National Incubation Center and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Youth Employment Program!
    Travel Across Pakistan
  2. Travel Startups that made me want to travel across Pakistan. Let’s face it, I have a serious case of wanderlust and few things make me happier than going to new places, connecting with people, and gaining insights and perspectives I was unaware of before. For people outside of Pakistan may know of it as a country full of beauty and tourism potential. However, two of the winners of DYS’s Startup Cup in which budding companies presented their products and services to prospective investors changed my perspectives. Watch these two videos made by travel platform Find My Adventure and home-sharing company Qayyam and tell me if they also inspire you to travel across Pakistan!

    Live with Locals
    Live with Locals - TAP (Tourist Assistance Program)

    Experience the North like never before! Qayaam partnering with Akhuwat and Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund,Islamabad presents Tourist Assistance Program Experience the Wild. Experience the Culture. Experience the Raw Beauty. With Local Hosts. This Summer. Coming Soon! [Watch in HD quality] Special Thanks to MASH Productions for the video footage Special Thanks to Khumariyaan [official fan page]] for their soundtrack 'Bela' Destinasia -Experience Tours

    Posted by Qayaam on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

  3. A 14-year-old talk show host? Sabawoon Nangrahary was the youngest winner of the Digital Freelancing Award through his talk show and interview series in which he earns income and has helped generate more than 66,000 fans on his Facebook page. At DYS, he interviewed international speaker Sam Bretzfield. Watch their interview
    Sabawoon's Show

    #superkidprogram Episode 6

    Posted by The University Of Spoken English on Friday, May 5, 2017

  4. A Smart Helmet that could improve safety. I ride a bicycle to work every day so inventions that improve safety are welcome. The Helli motorcycle helmet  presented at DYS includes built-in Bluetooth, speakers, heart-rate sensor, dash cam, GPS and turn signals. The best part of the smart helmet is the shock/fall detection feature. In case of an accident, the helmet can automatically connect to emergency services and notify your family or friends with your current location.
    Helli Features

  5. A driving simulator that I wish I had growing up. Nano Solutions presented a driving simulator that incorporates virtual reality capabilities with realistic motions and feedback with compatibility with hundreds of games. As a Mario Kart, Grand Turismo, and Need for Speed enthusiast when I was growing up, this would have been life changing! 
    Imagine having this driving simulator when you were younger with virtual reality capabilities Photo Credit: Joe Qian/World Bank
  6. Useful and user-friendly websites. Have you seen the websites for the Digital Youth Summit and the KP Digital Strategy? Well designed and easy to use and made by local youth-owned businesses and freelancers supported by DYS. Make sure you explore them in-depth to get the most from the post-DYS experience!
    Visit the  KP Digital Strategy  site! 


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