Why an introvert like me looks forward to attending the digital youth summit?

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Contrary to what many of my social media friends seem to think, I am a pretty private guy who rarely goes to attend events, and despite being pretty fine with speaking my heart out on the stage, I am a kind of a weird shy person otherwise. 
While I enjoy getting connected with talented and interesting people from all around the world via email and social media, it takes a lot for me to consider attending a real-life event. 
This is for several reasons but here are the biggest ones: 
1. In the case of online interactions, I can choose to respond to a message or a query when I want, and the other person can respond to it when it fits their schedule. In real-life one has to proactively make time for whatever event or social gathering one has to attend. 
2. Secondly, since I am an introvert, I need a massive downtime after I get back from an event.  
3. Many events taking place around me often aren't able to get me interested enough. 
However, I am anxiously looking forward to DYS 2017, and I can't wait to attend this event. Here are a few reasons why I am excited to come to DYS 2017:
1. This event is probably the best and most well-known event that has been happening in my city - Peshawar for a good few years. By attending DYS2017, I want to be there to be part of the effort to change the narrative from security barriers to finding solutions through innovation, knowledge-seeking, and technology adoption.
2. No matter how much I love to interact online, face-to-face meetings are fun and useful in several ways. As mentioned in a recent HBR article, face-to-face requests are 34 times more successful than an email, and so I look forward to building stronger relations. 
3 As Jim Rohn once famously said, we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, and the management of DYS has spent a lot of time in creating it as a brand which attracts good, talented, ambitious people who have some interest and/or experience in all things digital. 

In case you didn't know, the DYS speakers list includes some pretty successful entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, marketers who are coming to Peshawar all the way from USA, Malaysia, Afghanistan and different cities of Pakistan.  

By being at the event I will be able to be in good company and get some inspiration. 
4. Last but not least, DYS will be a good platform for me to conduct my workshop on Personal Branding in a Digital Era, and I think the audience will benefit big time from my own experiences and things I've learned by doing things right as well as by doing things wrong.

I can't wait to share some interesting ways one can boost one's personal brand and how it can be one of the primary few methods to not only be your true self and live your passion but to also attract the right job, business partners, funding opportunities, the best clients etc. 
 I look forward to seeing you all at the DYS.
#ProTIP: While being at the DYS2017, remember to spend time with people other than friends and acquaintances and exchange stories, ideas, and dreams. This is the best way to learn something entirely new, or relearn something you forgot, or even unlearn something that has ceased to be true long ago. 

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