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Spotlight on Mental Health Month – Youth voices from Georgia

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Ge-mental Health Calendar
Make a list of 5 things that bring you joy. Dedicate 30 minutes to one of them. 















During the month of May each year, a wide variety of activities are organized around the world to emphasize the importance of mental health. In Georgia, a youth group based in Tbilisi - Youth Voices Georgia - is participating and contributing with a Mental Health Calendar for May 2019.
Mental health is a critical health issue, whether you are young or old, and just as important as physical health. All too often, however, it seems that society tends to emphasize the latter, limiting discussion about important mental health issues.
That’s why we, as young Georgians, wanted to use the opportunity of Mental Health Month, this May, to help raise awareness and encourage more open discussion on this topic, especially in our home country.
As such, we did some research and produced a calendar which is designed around four key ways for sustaining and improving mental health. The calendar highlights popular activities which, according to scientific studies, can impact our mental health in a positive way...
Physical exercise is widely considered an effective way of sustaining and improving mental health. Physical exercise, performed regularly, can have a positive impact on depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and more. Once it becomes part of our daily life, we generally start feeling better, stronger and more self-confident. See the activities marked in yellow on the calendar for more tips.
Socialization can help reduce feelings of loneliness, while strengthening feelings of belonging and security. Time spent with friends can help improve self-confidence and boost our mood. All these factors better protect us from stress, loss, and negative emotions. See the activities marked in purple on the calendar.
Healthy eating habits can boost mental health. Although focusing on avoiding or integrating only one specific ingredient in our diet is not sufficient for improving or even sustaining good mental health. Diets high in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and grains are thought to have very beneficial impacts on mental health. On the calendar, check out the activities marked in green.
Mindfulness. Research suggests that spending 3-5 minutes per day focusing on things we are grateful for increases our happiness and decreases the risk of depression. According to some studies, meditation practices can also help individuals better manage stress & anxiety and fight depression. See the activities marked in blue.
Join us and dedicate May to Mental Health!
Youth Voices Georgia:  Elene Gachechiladze, Anamaria Sukhitashvili, Mari Javakhishvili, Tengiz Tetrashvili, Ketevan Nebieridze, Nikoloz Bakradze, Tamar Liparteliani, Zurab Sheshelidze, Tiniko Abuladze.


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