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In the Republic of Korea, GoodPy, a smartphone-based virtual assistant, makes it a breeze for citizens to get information on public services  

Getting information on public services is often difficult and tedious. You know the information is out there but searching for it on government websites is usually a complicated process involving multiple phone calls and Internet searches. If you have had this experience, you’ll understand the importance of having a simpler way to obtain information on public services, whenever and wherever you may need it. 

If you live in the Republic of Korea, you’re in luck; GoodPy, an app that you download to your smartphone, does exactly that. 

Launched in March 2021, by Korea’s Ministry of the Interior and Safety, GoodPy officially named, “Virtual Assistant Service for the Public”, provides customized administrative information that citizens need and handles any inquiries they may have. GoodPy is an excellent example of the kind of citizen-centric public service that can result from the GovTech approach to use technology to digitize public administrations when citizens have digital skills and access to tech.  

The app is structured to perform multiple objectives: (a) reduce the hassle involved for users searching for information and services they need, (b) reduce limitations on the provision of digital services and sharing of data across organizations, (c) encourage the public sector to use private sector digital services to diversify service delivery channels, and (d) actively implement a digital assistant chatbot service across the government by adopting common infrastructure. 


Overview of the Virtual Assistant Service for the Public 


Overview of the Vortual Assitance Service for the Public


GoodPy provides anticipatory guidance and consulting services based on the most commonly used private apps in Korea (Naver, KakaoTalk, Toss, etc.) and enables services-payment in one screen to maximize convenience. With GoodPy as a single channel, citizens can receive ten types of daily life information for citizens and businesses: such as welfare programs and eligibility, vaccination appointments, COVID-19 relief funds, medical check-up dates, traffic and other penalties/fines payment, driver license renewals, senior driver training, school bus driver training, and national scholarship applications. They can use eleven types of public services including guidance on recreation forests facility reservation and electronic customs services with a chatbot, as well as consulting services with an artificial intelligence (AI) vocalization when they need information such as an issuance of the resident registration certificate.

Example: Traffic Fine Notification Scenario

Example of a Traffic Fine Notification Scenario


GoodPy received an enthusiastic response from citizens. By December 31, 2021, its subscribers soared to 14 million which means one out of every four citizens were using it. It helped over 44 million Koreans schedule 370 million vaccination appointments and get them completed, and preemptively guided users about whether they were entitled to the COVID-19 Relief Fund. It also helped 90 percent of recipients to obtain the Relied Fund money within two weeks of applying.

GoodPy was the result of a private-public partnership, which contributed to its successful development and implementation. In this case, while the government provides public services rapidly through various channels, the private sector participates by developing innovative services and linking private service delivery channels with existing public services. This collaboration benefited citizens, as they are now able to access public services conveniently on commonly used private apps. 

The Korean government plans to expand the Virtual Assistant Service to become more personalized by using intelligent digital technologies, such as AI and chatbots to provide proactive and anticipatory public services anytime, anywhere.  

For a detailed presentation on the Virtual Assistance Service, check out this presentation at the World Bank-hosted session on Digital, the Door to a Better World: Digital Government Strategy and Cases in Korea


Da-yun Kim

Deputy Director of the Public AI Policy Division, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Republic of Korea

Youngseok Kim

Senior Governance Specialist in the Governance Global Practice (GGP)

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