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What is the relationship between procurement and social media?

Procurement practitioners are using social media to exchange information and experiences. To allow for this exchange of knowledge and ideas, The China Public Integrity and Openness team of the Governance Global Practice (PIO-GGP) has established a WeChat Platform. The platform encourages the discussion of procurement ideas and strategies for all procurement practitioners, regardless of geography.
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In order to connect Chinese procurement practitioners each year, the PIO-GGP in China organizes several learning events. To complement these formal learning events, the WeChat platform was launched.

This WeChat platform serves a number of functions. The app is a way to promote two-way sharing between procurement practitioners, including those working in Project Management Office (PMOs), Project Implementation Units (PIUs), Tendering Companies, and within the World Bank. It also strengthens communication among PMOs, as well as between PMOs and the Bank.

Implementers of World Bank- financed projects in China and Bank Procurement Specialists use the app to express their opinions in a fluid, conversational manner. To regulate the group, a WeChat China Procurement Discussion Group Code of Conduct was distributed to PMOs in mid-February, and the results have been enlightening.

The social media platform has played an important role in procurement experience sharing and information dissemination. Participants share Bank procurement training information, recent procurement event updates, and the procurement policy paper.
Procurement Event Update

Trending Topics have included: (i) when a bid should be considered responsive or non responsive; (ii) when clarification should be sought from bidders; (iii) the Chinese Model Bidding Documents for NCB; (iv) how to handle differences between Bank procurement guidelines and domestic regulations and practices; and (v) conflicts of interests. The objective of two-way knowledge and information sharing has been largely met.
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In June 2014, there were 450 active users in the group and the number is expected to increase gradually. The team is discussing options for increasing traffic on the platform and enhancing the effectiveness of knowledge exchange. Ideas under consideration include monthly theme discussions, case studies, and procurement experience sharing by the users.

This app is only the first step forward. Rapid advances in Information and Communications Technologies and social media platforms have brought an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange and information sharing between procurement practitioners.

The China PIO-GGP team is looking forward to continue using social media to increase public dialogue and exchange experience and information in a simple yet powerful way.



Jingrong He

Procurement Specialist

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