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Focus Friday: Top COVID-19 (coronavirus) news this week

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This week, global development experts focused on strengthening supply chains to protect the safe development and delivery of future COVID-19 vaccines, and the importance of civil society and non-governmental organizations in disseminating crucial health information within countries. In a new podcast, we hear how women are disproportionately vulnerable to the pandemic on the frontlines of the healthcare workforce.   

We must prepare supply chains for future COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics | Blog

Nothing would undermine delivery of successful COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutic treatments faster than the emergence of fake vaccines.   COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics could be the catalyst to step up efforts around medicine traceability, but supply chains need to make fast progress. 

Civil society and government agencies in Guinea collaborate to fight against COVID-19 | Blog

In many developing countries, leveraging local organizations and their reach has been crucial to take life-saving information to those who need it most.  These organizations are raising awareness around the risks of infection and providing basic sanitation kits in communities. COVID-19 has underscored the need for robust communication between CSOs and NGOs and for collaborative interactions between the government and citizens of Guinea.   

The Development Podcast: how COVID-19 is uniquely threatening women and girls | Podcast

The World Bank’s Global Director for Gender, Caren Grown, explains how the pandemic is not gender neutral.  Women and girls face distinct risks including increased exposure to the virus on health care front lines, potentially larger impacts to their livelihoods during lockdowns, as well as heightened risk of domestic violence.


Priyanka Ripley

External Affairs Consultant with the Health, Nutrition and Population communications team

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