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Focus Friday: Top COVID-19 (coronavirus) news this week

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Muhammad Ali Pate, Global Director for Health, Nutrition and Population at the World Bank said “the COVID-19 pandemic has put years of global progress to end preventable child deaths in serious jeopardy,”  referencing a new joint UN-World Bank report on child mortality. Meanwhile, this week highlights the World Bank’s support in Angola and Mongolia’s health systems.

New child and youth mortality estimates show dramatic reductions, but progress is threatened by impact of COVID-19 | Blog | Report | Press Release

A new report warns that the enormous progress made in global child mortality could be reversed due to the coronavirus. Initial evidence suggests that the impact of COVID-19 on direct mortality for children and youth may be small, but indirect effects can be severe. Many life-saving services have already been disrupted by COVID-19. These include medical and food supply chain disruptions, declining utilization and provision of basic health services as well as the reallocation of healthcare resources and personnel.

Breathing a sigh of relief into Angola’s COVID-19 response | Blog

One-hundred ventilators have arrived in Angola, the distribution and installation of the ventilators, together with training to front-line health workers, is well underway. The World Bank has been a key partner to the government in its COVID-19 response which has included financing support, technical assistance, and fiduciary guidance. While Angola has seen a rise in COVID-19 cases, it has taken important steps such as prioritizing the purchase of essential medicines and equipment. 

World Bank Group’s Response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Mongolia | Brief

In Mongolia, the World Bank has been working closely with the government to address the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the health sector, Mongolia was included in the WBG’s first batch of COVID-19 health emergency support operations. The Mongolia COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness project, with a total financing of US$26.9 million, will help the country meet emergency needs in the face of the pandemic and better prepare for future health crises.


Priyanka Ripley

External Affairs Consultant with the Health, Nutrition and Population communications team

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