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A new impact note series

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I've just been alerted to the From Evidence to Policy series produced by the World Bank's Human Development network. These short and slick notes present some of the key findings from impact evaluations the World Bank has been doing in the HD area. Their latest note looks at results from a randomized experiment that tested whether paying healthclinics in Rwanda performance incentives improved health quality.

This is the sixth in their series, each note discussing a different health or education impact study. One of the earlier notes is about the study on health systems in Zambia that Jed has previously blogged about here.


Summarizing long technical papers in a short accessible form is essential for helping the lessons of research reach a wider audience. We started the Finance & PSD Impact note series a couple of years ago with the same purpose, and now have 13 notes in this series. Hopefully this blog can draw attention to these notes, as well as also providing for more summary, discussion, and critique of new impact studies




David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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