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·       Peter Hull’s lecture slides on shift-share IV

·       On the IPA blog, Dean Karlan and Chris Udry propose a structured ethics appendix for social science papers, and seek feedback on this framework.

·       The World Bank’s Africa Gender Innovation Lab has a call out for expressions of interest from NGOs, governments, donors and private sector firms with interventions to improve women’s economic empowerment in Nigeria.

·       On the IGL blog, Christina Ungerer discusses some unexpected surprises that arose when doing an RCT with start-ups in Germany – take-up issues, attrition issues, and a government unexpectedly cancelling the budget for the program partway through – somehow it is comforting to see that the issues we face in doing RCTs in developing countries also arise in a country famed for its order and precision.

·       Video of an NYU DRI seminar launching a new book about RCTs, with discussions from Lant Pritchett, Angus Deaton, Agnès Labrousse, and Jonathan Morduch

·       Tavneet Suri on how UBI helped Kenyans weather the impact of COVID-19.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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