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  • Heather Lanthorn offers thoughts on the extent to which pre-analysis is possible for qualitative work….”my hunch is that part of why people think planning for analysis of qualitative work may difficult is because, often, people don’t plan to ‘analyze’ qualitative data. instead, perhaps, the extent of the plan is to collect data. and then they plan to find a good quote or story (“anecdata”) — which may raise some questions about whether social science research is being done”…working with and asking questions of living people implies an ethics-review process, for which the research will have to lay out at least the ‘domains’ (aka themes, topics, categories) of information s/he hopes to observe and ask people about. Usually, one does not get away with saying “I am just going to head over here, hang out, and see what I find.”
  • Reminder: we are still taking submissions for our blog your job market series – we will start posting these either next week or the week after.


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