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Blog your job market paper? We would love to have readers who are on the job market (as well as those who aren’t but have exciting work to share) do a guest post on their work. If your paper is about impact evaluation, or has a strong measurement component, or otherwise fits with the themes of the blog, we’d love to consider it for a guest post. We propose the following process:

1.      Email your paper to

2.    We look through the papers to see which we think would make good posts for our blog, and contact you to ask for a guest post. You don’t get mad or interpret it as a negative signal about your paper if we don’t contact you- it will depend on how many papers we get sent and our tastes.

3.       You get to advertise your work to a broader audience, and we get a chance to stay current.

And now back to our regular programming – here’s this weeks links:

·        Innovations for Poverty Action’s SME initiative is having a conference at the IADB in Washington on November 30 – I’m presenting some work in progress from Sri Lanka, and there looks to be a number of exciting new studies – see here for details on getting an invite.

·        The latest critique of the Millennium Villages impact results on Africa Can

·         A new review of how to evaluate active labor market programs from the IADB.

·         Randomizing fear as a factor in stock trades

·        Impact evaluation of trade interventions – a new working paper.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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