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Development Research Group (DRG) and Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) are hiring

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It's that time of the year again, where PhD candidates start applying for jobs. Development Economics department (DEC) at the World Bank is hiring again this year. As there was some a little bit of confusion for at least some candidates last year in applying to different job postings, we thought we'd make it clearer this year.

There are multiple groups in DEC, who conduct research but this post is for two of them: DIME and DRG. For many years, we have conducted hiring together. But, as of last year, we are doing our searches separately, while still coordinating with each other on candidates in hiring whom both groups might be interested. So, think of DIME and DRG as you would for two different departments at a university, who both hire development economists (say the econ dept. and the business school).

What that means for candidates is that you have to apply for each job separately.

At DIME, while we are looking for applied microeconomists in all fields of development economics, this year we are particularly interested in candidates in the fields of environmental and renewable resources conservation, energy and climate change policies (while for other fields of research we usually limit our search to candidates with clear research interests in development economics, we will look more broadly within those fields).

The JOE ad for DIME is here, and applications can be uploaded until Monday, November 15. The first rounds of interviews will be virtual this year, as well as the flyouts to level the field, though we will likely offer optional in-person visits for candidates at offer stage. 

At DRG, we are particularly interested in hiring in the following fields this year:

• Economics of education (with a focus on service delivery),
• Capital markets and banking, with a focus on development, which could include the role of digital financial services (PhD in finance preferred)
• Trade policy,
• Cross-cutting fields addressing environmental challenges: Trade & Environment; Sustainable Finance; Green Growth; or Distributional Impacts of Energy Transitions
• Active labor market policies and jobs programs

The JOE ad for DRG is here. The application deadline is Monday, November 8. Interviews and job talks will be virtual this year for DRG. Both for logistical reasons and for equity reasons (to be able to treat all candidates equally regardless of whether they are with us in person or not), we decided to go this way again this year. As with DIME, we might be able to organize a visit at the offer stage if you want to meet our colleagues in person.

We look forward to your applications. Good luck to everyone on the job market this year.



Berk Özler

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

Florence Kondylis

Research Manager, Lead Economist, Development Impact Evaluation

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