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Friday blog links March 15: deworming, recycling and consumption, and more…

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·         The Gender Innovation Lab that Markus blogged about last week has a call for a position to work as an impact evaluation coordinator on an agricultural project in Ghana.

·         Andrew Gelman on how not to explain p-values

·         The Lancet publishes results from 1 million child deworming experiment in India: “After at least 2 years of treatment, weight at ages 3·0—6·0 years (standardised to age 4·0 years, 50% male) was 12·72 kg albendazole versus 12·68 kg control (p=0.66)”; also no impact on child mortality. Conclusion is that “Existing ICDS village staff can be organised to deliver simple pre-school interventions sustainably for many years at low cost, but regular deworming had little effect on mortality in this lightly infected pre-school population”

·         Does the option to recycle lead people to consume more stuff? – a new study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology says yes.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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